Calgary's Gideon Keys

The 200 Phenomena of the City of Calgary, Alberta

I found a 200 page composition book in MacEwan hall at the University of Calgary. Each page of the notebook has a different, numbered entry. Despite being numbered, the entries are in no particular order.
– Calganon, 2009

Behind the counter, Decae keeps a bookshelf with over a hundred notebooks, diaries, clipboards, little boxes of index cards and the like. All have been prepared by acolytes and seekers and all describe the roadside horrors and urban attractions that we who favour the night enjoy.
110 - The Bookstore

Recent News Section

The Clarion Call

11/15/16 - 2:15PM PST

Dear seekers, old and new:

Closer, closer than ever before. Developments are well within the works for securing a visit to the fabled City Itself.

But more than that, as of late I have been having something of an upwelling of inspiration, a resurgence of interest in these miniature peculiarities. You might say I am experiencing something of a renaissance of curiosity.

I am working several angles in the cities I am currently able to visit, hoping to hit on a lead that could crack them open for me. If every city does indeed have Keys of its own, I will find them. All it takes is finding just one, really.

One of my favorite miniseries, The Lost Room (which, incidentally, you will like if you like the Keys), suggested that the Objects exert a pull on each other. They want to come together, to rejoin a collection. I feel that the same can be said of several elements of the Keys. The Keys themselves - be they objects, a place, or living beings - as well as the acolytes who search for them.

I will be working much more on this in the days to come. Keep checking back, if you're willing to venture down the rabbit hole with me.

End Recent News

"And I swear to god (Well, maybe not to GOD) that I was being followed. By what? I dunno. But by something." -Nicholas Maharis, practitioner

"A word into the silence thrown always finds its echo somewhere where silence opens hidden lexicons." -Dejan Stojanovic

"Neue Phaenomena zu erklären, dieses macht meine Sorgen aus…//To explain new phenomena, that is my task…" -Carl Wilhelm Scheele

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