Calgary's Gideon Keys

The 200 Phenomena Found in the City of Calgary, Alberta

"I found a 200 page composition book in MacEwan hall at the University of Calgary. Each page of the notebook has a different, numbered entry. Despite being numbered, the entries are in no particular order."
-Calganon, 2009

This compilation of 200 of Calgary's unique phenomena is for the perusal of all minds and all peoples: it is no longer restricted to the acolytes and seekers. Please follow the relevant links in the sidebar to begin. The very first paragraph of the "Analysis" section will inform newcomers as to what the Keys are (should you be wondering), and further sections attempt to explain other recurring elements in them. Please check back regularly for more information as it becomes available.

Information regarding site updates can be found in the News section, updated as needed (usually weekly). Features to come (as of 03/12/14) include pictures and relevant historical/factual data that will be added as quotes to the existing entries. The Analysis section will also be fleshed out with every individual mentioned, and various concept webs are to be created soon.


Recent News Section

Five Long Years

3/12/14 - 4:33PM EST

Dear readers, old and new:

To those of you who have returned time and again to read and re-read these entries, thank you for using this resource. It serves me no gain to run this little mystery memoria, and yet it does my heart good to know that I may have yet inspired the minds and hearts of other strangers in a similar way as CalgAnon, who couldn't have possibly anticipated the same. It has been a long five years - for the most part, the intrigue extended through the first two and died off soon after. It has been a slow three years since, but I continue to make changes, to tinker with things here and there in hopes of making a more perfect representation of what is still an incomplete guide. Personal matters have often kept me from even giving this site any thought, but I always come back, always with renewed energy and high hopes for the changes I promise to an ever dwindling reader-base. I apologize for the setbacks; despite most people's lack of caring, I still feel responsible.

To those who are new to this unique and interesting series, welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Explore this site in whatever way you like: you could say it's something of a cultural phenomenon itself. You could say it's quite like the SCP-Foundation, save that new entries have never and will never be created for the original series. I say this because CalgAnon may yet still be out there, waiting to release the remaining 85, biding his or her time. We may never know - and it is for that reason that I feel it is better to leave them unfinished, incomplete - it is more real that way.

The mystery and the legend lives on, even to this day, and I hope as the curator I have been able to do it as much justice as possible. If you, like I, experience more than a passing interest in these phenomena, I encourage you to join the site and post in the forums. Who knows? We may just find some larger truth hidden in the shadows.

I'll be tending to the 4chan post for the remainder of the afternoon, so please join me in celebrating CalgAnon's legacy. The link below will direct you there.


Thanks so much,
Dr. Johnson

Recent News Section Ends

"And I swear to god (Well, maybe not to GOD) that I was being followed. By what? I dunno. But by something." -Nicholas Maharis, practitioner

"Riddles and secrets beneath the well-trodden, gutter-choked city streets… these phenomena grow and change. They exist in every city, in every dark corner, every area touched and forgotten by man. The boundaries become blurred, and parts, ideas, the tangled webs of other angles, other times… get in through the cracks." -Anonymous

"Secrets are everywhere: you only have to look just a little harder to find them." -Anonymous

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