About Me
Truly, there’s not a whole lot to say about me.

I stumbled onto the Gideon Keys not too long after they were posted to /x/. I used to visit /x/ religiously (hah), and seeing something truly fascinating happen in real time captivated me to no end. Soon it became an important goal of mine - to visit Calgary, as soon as I possibly could.

Within that first year after their submission to the internet, I thought of little else. I painstakingly searched and compiled all that I could, and was disappointed again and again that what I found was so incomplete. I learned that it was by no fault of the community that the majority of the entries were never posted - the poster simply disappeared, while in the middle of sharing the work.

Reading through them all leaves me with a feeling of anticipation and foreboding. This collection of short stories is unlike anything I have ever read before: it is true that the vast majority of them have stuck with me in my thoughts. Such a measure of verisimilitude the likes of which I've never had to contend with.

The Keys ring true to me in so many ways. I hope to soon make the trip to Calgary, as soon as I can possibly manage it.

One thing, in parting. If you've ever had an experience that seems to measure up to the Keys - something innocuous that turns out to be a lot weirder or stranger than you could have ever imagined - please send me something. If you have questions or comments, suggestions or complaints, go ahead and send me an email too. The address is on the contact page, which you can reach by the top navigation bar.

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