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Copyright information for Calgary's 200 Phenomena is a tricky subject. I don't own the rights to CalgAnon's intellectual property, of course, and according to his story, the property isn't even his to begin with. Should the stories and phenomena be true, this would become even more complicated. For the sake of writing a half-way coherent statement, we're going to ignore the content and focus more on the fact that these sentences do indeed belong to some individual. That individual deserves to be credited whether or not they were writing fiction, or actually documenting observed phenomena in their home town.

For this reason I will suggest (with what I hope is reasonable) the notion that the Keys, having been dispersed anonymously throughout the internet, are hence to be considered temporarily Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons Licensed. No one should attempt to pass of the Keys as works of their own. Until the original author comes forward (whom may or may not CalgAnon), they will remain licensed as such. I claim no rights to the Keys — I am simply giving them a place to reside and be accessed by all who find them as incredible as I do. Any commercial works using the Gideon Keys must reference the original author (CalgAnon) and link back to whatever sources the creators used (be it this wiki, or the Scribd document). The license holder (for now that would be CalgAnon until evidence proves otherwise) can of course step forward at any time and request this license be changed, or the site removed entirely at their immediate discretion upon proof of their authenticity (which would necessarily be absolute and undeniable).

As for the images and documentation I have sequestered, all rights go to the respective photographers, writers, and creators of said media. I will of course cite my sources for any material that is not my own.

As for material that IS my own — such as the sections of Analysis that are currently in development, and a planned commentary/series of essays — These materials I am licensing under the same license I have suggested be set for Calgary's Gideon Keys, an Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons Licensed. This wiki is also hereby licensed thusly (the formatting and organization, lists, etc) — all except for the theme (which isn't mine) and Wikidot's framework. Don't get me wrong: I'd absolutely love for people to expand on my ideas and bring their own to the table, I just want everyone to please remember to mention me and this site if you use my materials. Hell, mention it anyways. Tell your friends. I get a lot of activity according to Google Analytics, but people don't post in the forums at all. It'd be nice to have some other folks here who are just as fanatical as me.

And that's about it for legal stuff. I might add on things as I think of them but for now that'll about do it.

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