038-The Coins

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Look what I found on the MSE site – looks like these people are talking about Touch Pieces, a practise that has long since died out. Only, these Touch Pieces look like they were crafted for James Stuart: maybe the reason the tradition stopped is because every monarch after James didn’t have a legitimate claim to the throne. James Stuart must have surviving descendants through the paternal line living in Scotland in order to activate the coins – look for doctors, nurses and faith healers – if you get no results, try something more conceptual, like psychiatrists, tree surgeons, care workers, addiction counselors, or hospice workers. The coins need a monarch to function, and there’s a true king living somewhere in Glasgow.

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Quote (by elderpark_perkyelder):
My mum’s from the east end of Glasgow too, and she said that her mum had a catch-all cure for the an upset stomach. Just pour a glass of coke, then drop a penny into it. The penny turns it flat, and it’ll help to settle your stomach acid. My mum had a special penny given to her by my grandmother that she used for the cure, a wee copper one that was slightly bigger than a one pence coin, and had “III” and “VIII” on one side, and the face of some king or prince on the other. I’ve tried it with normal pennies, but it doesn’t seem to work half as well as that special coin my mum had. I’ve asked her if she still had it, but she must of lost it before she moved to Govan.

oh, my parents had a coin just like that as well ! it had the same markings on it and i remember my dad told em the face was an old scottish king :confused:

anyway if you need more tips, try adding baking soda to a glass of water, or making a cup of tea with honey or chamomile ! good luck !

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