043-The Missing Girl

There is an ongoing rescue mission to find a girl that nobody remembers, with sparse information as to what she looks like, where she comes from, and who she is.

Legend has it that the first persistent record of the Missing Girl was found inside a Bible that had been annotated with various miscellaneous references to the city of Glasgow – a Bible said to be held by the Guides, a shadowy cabal tied into the living myth of Glasgow’s Gideon Keys. In that Bible, she was named “St. Ella”: she would appear during the colder months in the Blacader Aisle of the Glasgow Cathedral, praying to St. Mungo to stop monsters from taking her back at midnight. When the Cathedral closed for the night, she would be forced to leave – and by twelve o’clock, all trace of her disappeared from the city.

But people do not just disappear. Similarly, people do not just appear; St. Ella had to have been someone before appearing in folklore. St. Ella has a number of relics that hint at her existence, spread throughout the city, but only on certain days of the year, which are apparently impossible to tell. On these days, in a certain dental practise in the East End, her name reappears on the patient database. Her bus pass occasionally remanifests in the hands of the last person to hold it for just under 24 hours. A calendar from 2002 gains a blue circle around January 24th. But these relics lose their ties with St. Ella as soon as their allotted 24 hours are up – information on her is impermanent.

This is perhaps due to the strangest miracle associated with St. Ella: the fact that, unless the acolyte is aware that she only remanifests on certain days, they will forget ever hearing about her, or ever knowing her. Which means, for knowledge of St. Ella’s predicament to have manifested in the first place, someone, somewhere in Glasgow, knows what happened to this little girl in the first place – and yet, they remain silent.

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