054-The Music Store

The HMV store on Buchanan Street is a great place to shop. It’s wide and spacious, chock-full of the latest CD and DVD released, and even has a dedicated lounge at the top of the stairs for LAN gaming.

The only thing is, the store is far more spacious than people realise. There’s a number of rooms that still exist inside the store, despite having been demolished. They’re difficult to detect unless you know what you’re looking for: patches of sunlight and shadow that aren’t being cast by any of the windows in the store. You see, even though these rooms don’t exist anymore, they still cast light in a similar way as they did before: windows in these phantom rooms will be dimly visible just a few inches away from the glass panes of the store, areas that should be brightly lit will instead be cloaked in shadow from a nonexistant wall, and candlelight without any source reflects off of the television screens on the upper floor. The effect is more detectable during the night, but of course, very few people are in or around the store during the night.

Most disconcerting is when light in the real world seems to flicker as the room’s occupants move around, temporarily casting shadows in the store.

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