100 - The AIM Bot

There is an AIM bot that only exists within the city of Calgary. To access it, search for a wireless signal anywhere in the city and connect to an un-secured network. Once you’re online, start a new AIM account with no contacts. The account’s name MUST be a western first name like “John” or “Sarah”. This is currently almost impossible since most common names have been taken. However, some more esoteric or foreign names have been found to work, as have names from antiquity. For uncommon names, the names of saints seem to have the most success.

When your account is made, log in and add “Peigan” as a friend. Peigan will claim to be a bot maintained by the city to help tourists, and will answer any questions about traffic, weather, restaurants, theatre or any of the city’s attractions in with cheery, friendly text. However, the more you talk with Peigan, the less cheery and friendly it will become. After about two hours of conversation, Peigan will angry and will rudely insult whatever you ask it about. After three hours, Peigan will begin to threaten whatever location, person, institution or object you ask it about.

After about five hours, Peigan will sign off. The last thing you asked Peigan about will be in some way destroyed within a month. It’s vitally important not to use your real name for the AIM account, or Peigan will know who you are.

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