197-The Autobody Shop

There is an Autobody shop in Montgomery that specializes in outdated and obsolete models. They rarely do any business, but the owner comes in frequently to fool around with the engine on her car, although mostly she sits in the front seat and reads. If you can sneak past her into the ratty lot where she keeps a handful of mouldering cars for parts, you will be rewarded for your efforts. This is harder than it sounds. Like most acolytes, her sense of smell is highly honed. Disguise yourself in the scents of the autobody shop: motor oil, sweat and metal.

When you make your way into the lot, look for a tireless convertible. Break into the trunk and grab the first thing you can lay your hands on. Then run. Don’t bother with sneaking. She will hear you, find you, and then it will all be over. When you get home, take a look at whatever you’ve managed to pilfer. It will be mechanical, of course, as that is the owner’s specialty. Probably a car part of some kind. But it will feel warm and supple to the touch. With enough effort, it will fit into any machine, and confer upon it a blessing potent enough to explain why she hordes them so jealously.

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