091 - The Black Room

Beneath every train station in the city of Calgary there is a deep, perfectly round chamber made of black marble. Each contains indistinct shadows of furniture and residents that when they are combined yield a single, solid, populated room that coexists beneath every station at once. This only occurs whenever there is an accident on the tracks that results in a death. After the blood is spilled, the spheres melt together and become a normal, albeit difficult to get to room.

The easiest way in is through the elevator in Brentwood station. Smear the blood of the sacrifice on the buttons and punch them in ascending order, including door open and close buttons. When the elevator reaches the top of its admittedly short shaft, it will drop suddenly. The elevator will lurch to a stop and the doors will open, admitting you, unharmed, to the Black Room. The marble will have faded, becoming something more angular and familiar: a somewhat antiquated washroom. The tub has clawed feet, an attendant stands next to the lift door to offer you towels and the like, all in all it’s the picture of luxury.

Step into the room and turn the water on in the tub. The water will be scented: Mint, Allspice or Vanilla. The mint will totally refresh you, leaving you perfectly relaxed. Vanilla with imbue your skin with a youthful glow for a week, after which your body will begin to deform with the weight of your sins, as though they were a great burden hooked into your skin. The Allspice will grind away all of your sins and cruelties, leaving you utterly and totally forgiven.

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