193-The Children's Hospital

Another email cut out and pasted in the book.

The new Children’s Hospital, the one that looks like it’s all made of lego blocks and shit? Have you ever gone in there at night, Sand-Man? I’ll take you next time I go. It has to be seen to be believed.

I was going there the other day to try and break into the pharmacy (save the lecture, Sand-Man) but the halls were all foggy. The ring I keep in the pocket, the one Eddie gave me when he was hitting on me in that cute turn of the century way? It started burning, but I couldn’t get the damn thing off. So I started to try to walk through the fog because, fuck, I’m not going to stick around in a place like that when everything starts getting creepy. At least, not without a shitload of backup.

Anyways, so I was trying to get out, but the place was a goddamn maze. All those big plate glass windows were opaque, more like glass slides with blood caught between them than windows. And I swear to god (Well, maybe not to GOD) that I was being followed. By what? I dunno. But by something.

Look, let’s go this Friday. We’ll break in the same way I got in. I’ll meet you at Sunnyside Station and we’ll catch the train up there together.

Peace and Chicken Grease

Nick Maharis

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