011 - The Church House

There is a house on Bow Crescent, near Bow Cycle, which was once a small church. A few years ago a man bought it and began extensive renovations that included an extension on the back, moving the door so that it sat in the center, and completely redoing the interior to remove any signs of its previous usage. During this process the owner discovered that the house has a set of sixteen plaques depicting the stations of the cross hidden behind the wall paper. This is a problem, as there are only fourteen stations.

The owner removed them and placed them in the then-unfinished home’s basement. They remain there to this day, although the owner passed away earlier this year. If you wish to find them, arrange a viewing of the house with the real estate agent who the family of the previous owner has tasked with selling it. He will lie extensively about the house and its pedigree, and he will deny the existence of the stations in the basement.

Wait until he has left you alone in the house’s main room and sneak into the basement. When you find the fourteen wooden plaques, you have until he comes down and finds you to place them in the correct order, substituting the two additional plaques into the story of the crucifixion. If you arrange them correctly, you will feel a wave of warmth cross over you and your death will be followed by an earthly resurrection as reward for your pilgrimage.

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