075 - The Cupboard

On the north end of the city, there are innumerable identical houses arranged into vast, homogenous neighbourhoods. These suburban homes are mostly home to commuters, but one of them is home to something different. Unlike all the other homes around it, this one is unfinished. Although the outside is complete, the inside is totally empty other than an IKEA cupboard in what would presumably be the kitchen.

The cupboard is as old as the subdivision and was placed there by the developers. Inside, you will find literally dozens of pieces of Depression glass. The glass, which mostly takes the form of small decorative balls, should not be removed from the cupboard. Each ball contains a small, fortune-cookie type strip of paper with the address of one of the houses in the subdivision written on it in green ink.

Whenever a ball has been removed from the cupboard, the corresponding household has suffered a death or some other tragedy within a year.

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