161-The Dentist's

There is a defunct dental practice on the top floor of the Northland Professional Building near Northland Mall. Although the door is supposed to be locked, it’s opened between the hours of 10 PM and 3 AM Tuesdays through Fridays. The building is locked before this, so in order to get into the office, you’ll have to hide at the bottom of the basement stairwell until the coast is clear and then sneak up to the top floor. Use the stairs; the door never opens to anyone who took the elevator.

The office looks like any other dental practice, although noticeably more upscale and dated. The chairs are real leather, the walls are paneled with mahogany outside of the patient rooms. All the fixtures are ornate and beautifully decorated. The receptionist is quiet to the point where you may first mistake her for a corpse. When she calls your name, proceed to exam room one and lock the door behind you. There you’ll meet the Night Dentist.

The Dentist will ask what you’re in for. If you tell him you need a cleaning, he’ll investigate your teeth, frown, and tell you to leave. Your teeth will crumble to dust within a week. If you tell him you need a tooth pulled, he’ll smile and start pulling. For every tooth you let him pull from your mouth, you get a wish. Lastly, you can tell him you need a root canal. A long, slow root canal. You’ll be subjected to the most torturous pain imaginable, but if you endure it you’ll never die.

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