056 - The Drive-In

The drive in hasn’t had many customers in years, if it ever did. It doesn’t have the iconic appeal of Peter’s, it doesn’t have the cult appeal of that red bus, and it definitely doesn’t have good food. It’s never even managed to cash in on any retro appeal since it was built ten years too late. What it does have is a large denim-clad regular who always seems to be seated, regardless of the weather, at one of the concrete tables out front. If you look past the person who takes your order, into the kitchen, you can see photos tacked up on a bulletin board that go back to when the drive-in was founded in the late seventies. The man, utterly unchanged by time, is in them.

At night, he actually goes inside the drive-in to sleep, although he’s definitely not the owner and if asked the staff claim not to notice him in the photographs or outside the building. If you ask him how he’s stayed the same so long he’ll tell you that it’s force of habit and refuse to talk about it any further. If you ask him why they let him sleep inside, he’ll claim that he works there in some function and likely tell you to mind your own business. If you want a straight answer, you’ll have to ask him:
“Why does the drive in run through so many staff?”

But be careful. It’s never wise for the fly to harass the spider.

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