103 - The Free Weekly

Near the end of the week, the FFWD boxes start to get empty. When the one nearest your home is empty, try this. At midnight, bring a live bird with you to the box. Place it inside the empty box and wait. The bird will begin to thrash around, throwing itself against the walls and front of the box. Soon the little window will be covered in blood and feathers to the point where you cannot see through it. Wait until the box is silent and there is no longer any sound. Open the box.

Inside instead of the bird you will find a copy of the latest issue. The only differences will be that the black ink has been replaced with red and the words with rambling, nonsensical stream of consciousness writings. They will be vulgar, violent and often disjointed. However, they will also provide you with insight into the mind of the man who is now destined to kill you.

Should you defeat him when he comes using this insight, having cheated destiny, you will be forever ignored unless you set out to deliberately draw attention to yourself. No one will notice you unless you talk to or touch them directly, for good or for bad.

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