085 - The Game

On the schoolyard of St. Maria Goretti school, the children are occasionally seem playing an unusually intricate playground game. All grades participate and all the students take their roles in the game with unusual seriousness. It begins with call and response that slowly moves up the grades. The first grade students ask “Whose was it?” then the second graders reply “She who was found” The third graders then ask “Who lost it?” and the fourth graders answer “The boy with the knife” The fifth graders then ask “Whose was it to take?” to which the oldest students answer “The Lord Above.”

The game then grows more complex, the students arranging themselves into three groups. One, half boys and half girls, circles the other two in a slow, menacing circle. One group stands at the center of the playground, carrying out a mock funeral for a teddy bear or baby doll one of them brought from home. The third group stands between the other two, not in any sort of order beyond a vague suggestion of formation.

If any of the students are asked about the game, they will appear confused and not know what you are talking about.

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