175 - The House on the Hill

In northwest Calgary just on the outskirts of the city in a forest there is a small boarded up house built on the tallest hill for miles. The only way in is through the cellar door. There you will find stairs that lead into the living room. Once entered you will see a mutilated figure of a boy about 15 years of age facing the wall with his back towards you. If you close your eyes and count to three when you open your eyes he will be in front of you three inches away from your face. If you do not flinch or gasp at his dis-formed face and continue to look calmly into his eyes he will eventually give you a key that will open any door in the city. If as you open your eyes you get startled and jump the boy will immediately run to one of the adjoining rooms and lock himself in. From that point on you will never be able to enter your house or the house of any of your family and friends again.

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