143-The Jewelery Store

There is a small jewellery story on the ground floor of a sandstone building near the Palliser Hotel. The store has, in recent years, fallen on hard times and has began buying any and all gold, including fillings. The jewellery store does carry a few small objects still, mostly crosses, which were once its specialty. The crosses are of no interest. Instead, ask the Asian woman who is always found behind the counter for something more special. Ask her to show you her collection of Tantalum.

Tantalum is known today for its usage in consumer electronics, where it’s popularly used as a capacitor. Tantalum belongs to Tantalus, a Greek God who killed his own son. The woman will bring out a selection of rings made from the material and offer to sell you one. She will not accept money, you must offer her a cross instead, one of excellent and bloody pedigree. Finding such a cross is a challenge in of itself, but when it is found it will pave the way to something much greater.

From the moment you put the ring on it will, bit by bit, begin to turn your body into a pure white ivory-like material whose unearthly beauty will captivate anyone who looks at it, but which will always be cold to the touch. You will still be able to move it as though it were your own flesh, but it will be numb to any sensation. However, after your body is fully converted, death will hold no terror for you.

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