186-The Morgue

There is a morgue hidden beneath the coroner’s office by the Colonel Belcher, right across from the Point MacKay complex. To get inside, you need some means of picking the building’s locks. The Key will not do, as while the morgue survives amongst the ashes. However you enter the building, entering the morgue itself is far harder. If you break into the corner’s office, look for a small red button built into his desk. You have only a short time before you are noticed. If you find it, press it and dart through the panel that opens.

Descend the stairs and try not to be bothered by the growing cold. Eventually you will find yourself in a morgue furnished and fashioned in a turn of the century style. White tile that is yellowed with age covers the walls and floor and the drawers are fused shut. All except three. Drawer six should never be opened. It contains the body of whoever opens it, and the autopsy wounds the body bears will soon spread, killing you instantly. Drawer twelve should also never be opened. It contains nothing but burning blood that will fill the room with unquenchable fire.

Drawer thirteen contains the body of an illegitimate saint who was martyred when the RCMP raided his home. Break from his dried body a small piece of flesh or bone or tooth, or else a patch of his clothing. Carry it with you always, and nothing dark can touch you.

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