170-The Museum

The Glenbow Museum’s permanent exhibits include a small hall that details in very rough terms the history and evolution of warfare, particularly that of Western European and North American warfare. At night, enter the building that houses the museum and break into the museum itself. Bring with you a small animal, no larger than a chicken or a small dog. Take the animal to the portion of the warfare exhibit that depicts a knight in a chapel and kill it with a black-handled knife. Leave the corpse on the ground in the exhibit.

Move out to the stairway and look at the piece of tacky installation art in the center. Smear the blood of your kill on your eyes and look again. The work will blur and become iridescent and beautiful. Then it will begin to rotate. With each full rotation, the stairway will expand upwards a floor, revealing strange, hidden exhibits. The decor is markedly less modern, and the exhibits depict unfamiliar events and places. Although the plaques have long since become illegible, each diorama depicts a different event in the secret history.

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