180-The Mustang

Marda Loop is haunted by night by a Shelby Mustang without a driver. Every night, at two o’clock, it emerges from the parking lot outside Basil’s Pub and begins to drive in a slow circuit around the district. The car moves slowly like a prowling predator until it draws near potential victims, whereupon it suddenly accelerates and attempts to strike them. The car is responsible for a string of hit-and-run incidents over the past year and a half, before which it was utterly unheard of. However, if one can enter the car and take the wheel, the car will be pacified and its unique properties at the driver’s disposal.

There is no agreed-upon method for taking control of the car, and most who have tried have perished. However, if you find yourself in the driver’s seat turn the car to face any of the principal compass directions and hit the gas. The car will accelerate and seemingly pass through any obstacle unharmed. Depending on which direction you turned it, the car will arrive in a different land of the dead and remain, waiting to ferry you back to the city after you’ve finished your business.

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