199-The Other Mall

Some of the stores in Northland Mall are open at two ends, letting customers pass through them while cutting from one side of the mall to the other. Recently, one of the clothing stores that’s like this closed up the path by installing a set of changing booths and mirrored cheap plywood wall covered in mirrors so that the other half of the store could be lent to another tenant. However, there’s something wrong with one of the booths. Enter the third booth from the left and be sure to bring a sack lunch. Turn around thrice anti-clockwise, and leave the booth. You’ll find yourself in the Other mall.

The Other Mall looks just the same as a regular mall, except the stores are all wrong. Woolworth’s, A&A Records, Eaton’s, every defunct company from the last twenty years. The products are even weirder. Instead of stocking normal goods, or even normal goods that have gone out of style, the stores stock things that never made it. Product ideas that died on the table.

Amidst piles of anatomically correct dolls and surprisingly sharp-edged jewellery, amidst sweaters with three sleeves and all the other defective garbage, you can sometimes find a product that should have made it but didn’t. Home Cold Fusion. The cure for Cancer. Appliances that never break down. Anything that THEY’RE using the other mall to hide.

The only problem is getting anything back with you. You don’t want to know what they do to shoplifters on the other side.

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