097 - The Oven

There is an old house along what used to be the city limit in the north. No one can ever remember where it is better than that, but regardless of whether or not you’ve been there you will always be seized by a sensation of déjà vu as you pass by the small brick building. It always appears to be full, with a small family in a modern home. Do not be fooled. Walk up to the door and open it. The inside is much different.

It will be as if you have crossed the atlantic. The Architecture and furnishings are old, some of them older than the city. The room is undecorated and very dirty. Thick layers of dust on every surface, cobwebs in every corner. All except for an aging cast iron oven, the kind that burns wood instead of running on gas or electrical power. The room is lit perfectly at all hours, but there is no source for the light.

Open the oven. Inside you will find singed papers. They will tell you thing you never knew about your parents, about you too. About why it is that your father never makes eye contact with you. You won’t want to know these things, but believe me, it’s better to know who you can trust.

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