119 - The Paper Warehouse

There’s a vacant lot in the Southwest that’s literally covered in paper: Old newspapers, old photographs, decaying books, fast food wrappers. Anything paper and mass produced. On Labour Day, the lot vanishes and is replaced by a small warehouse. Nobody notices because there’s no way that a warehouse could go up that fast, is there? If you walk inside of the building, you will discover that it is in fact made of all the paper that was on the lot, which has been folded elegantly to resemble brick and sheet metal and concrete.

The building will be furnished like an old importer’s. Don’t put your weight on anything, however, as every last object in the building is made from paper. There will be a display case against one of the warehouse’s walls containing the only wares it has ever housed: a dozen rings. One of them is real, the rest are made of paper. If you pick up the real one on your first try, you’ll be permitted by the aged Japanese man who seems to own the warehouse to take it with you. Never wear the ring, but instead give it to someone you love. For the rest of their life, they’ll never fall ill.

If you get one of the paper rings, wear it. It will bring you good luck and success at the office.

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