095 - The Pit

Downtown they’re working on some serious construction and probably will be as long as the boom goes on. Construction means building up, usually, but it also means digging down. If you wander the area down around The Palliser you’ll eventually find the pit. Deeper than deep, it’s supposed to house basements and sub-basements and a huge parkade for the building that is being built on top. Sometime after midnight on any given day, climb over the metal rented fencing and climb down into the pit, careful to avoid notice by anyone or anything that might be there after hours.

In the center of the pit, you will find a blue tent. If the lights within the tent are white or yellow, leave as it is most likely occupied. If the light, however, is a dull red glow, then it’s safe. Enter the tent. Inside, you will discover the real reason for the pit: A pillar suspended in the mud, seven feet of it jutting upwards, with glowing red veins. Unless you have come prepared, all you can do is gaze at the strange stone and then leave.

But if you have brought with you human blood that is not your own, which can be acquired through a number of means, you may smear it on your eyelids and close your eyes. The glow of the pillar will penetrate your eyelids and you will see the tent through them, etched on your retina in red. The veins will resolve themselves into words which will describe in great detail the history of the land. Never read the full history, as you must leave the tent before the blood on your eyelids dries.

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