165-The Purple Stones

There is an elevator shaft in a downtown apartment building that has been out of order since the late sixties. The reason for this is no mechanical problem, but an inexplicable phenomena: fist-sized rocks, all of which are painted a garish purple colour, fall from the top of the shaft once a day with enough force to kill. The tenants complain about the sound, but unfortunately it remains outside of the superintendant’s power to fix.

By now, the rocks have piled high enough that you will have to enter the shaft midway up, probably at around the fourth floor or higher. The stones are easy to avoid, as they always fall in the shaft’s northwest corner, or the far left corner when looking into the shaft. Ascend the walls, avoiding the rocks in the process, using whatever climbing equipment you deem necessary. When you reach the top of the shaft, you will see the apparent source of the rocks: A mirror attached to the ceiling with thick roofing nails.

Close the mirror (Although it will be awkward granted its position). The rocks will cease for a time, and until they resume the building’s residents will reward you for ending the noise with a safe haven from any storm, including the one that They will unleash upon you for stalling the stones.

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