024 - The Remote

There is a remote control that is sometimes found in pawn shops, hotel rooms, second-hand electronics stores and the like. It is small, about three inches by an inch, old, and the buttons are made of metal. They are also unmarked. The remote works on any television set regardless of age or brand, but all the television shows are strange and dated. If they had television in 1901, this is what the programs it played would look like. Like old films, they’re interspersed with cards transcribing dialogue and providing context.

Despite this, the footage appears documentary in nature, focusing on major events. As you continue watching, the shows will gradually move forward in years, depicting more events. Around 1920, these will start to become unfamiliar, occasionally the names or places will be wrong. By 1935, with a few exceptions, they will be utterly unrecognizable. The footage ends in 1948, with a strange variation of the Nazi German flag blowing in the wind atop a pile of rubble in a desolate wasteland.

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