168-The Salt

Salt has often been said to have mystic qualities. It’s said to be able to drive away fairies and the undead, Muhammad called it one of the four blessings God sent down from heaven, The Hindu and Shinto use it in rights of purification. Even the Wiccans, who are usually clueless, have figured in to the powers of salt. As any food aficionado will tell you, sea salt is best, and the properties of sea salt vary depending on where it’s from.

Calgary Salt is particularly potent, but the city is inland. It has no natural seas. There are hidden beaches, of course, pockets where someone has built doorways to another place, but Calgary Salt comes from the city itself. Fill your pockets with salt, any kind, and wander aimlessly until the buildings begin to grow newer and buildings that have long since been demolished join the skyline. Keep walking like this. Eventually you will reach a time when all this was a sea. A time before man.

Empty your pockets into the water. The sea will swallow the salt. Walk north until you find a great pillar of salt. Brush the crystals off of the side and into your hands. Bring as much back with you as you can. Practitioners will pay almost any price for the salt, but of course, it’s far too precious to sell.

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