177-The Sidewalk Chalk

Every summer, Canadian Tire rolls out these big black buckets of sidewalk chalk with transparent lids. Inside there’s an assortment of all the usual colours, extra thick. But once in a while one of the buckets will be white with a black lid. If you see such a bucket, purchase it immediately and bring it home. Inside you’ll find the usual assortment and six clear pieces. Use the clear chalk for hobo signs, magic circles, or anything else like that.

The clear chalk leaves invisible markings, you’ll be able to see anything you’ve drawn with it by memory, but things other people have drawn will be much better hidden. To see them, break one of the other pieces of chalk. It will crumble to dust in your grip and the wind will cast it around you. It will stick to the invisible chalk. Never do this in public, as the density of mystic patterns and glyphs in most of Calgary is prone to causing migraines.

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