107 - The Soup

There is a trio of blind homeless men in downtown Calgary who have been tending the same pot of soup for the last fifty years. Impossibly weathered, the trio have added more water, more bones, more half-rotten vegetables and more scraps to the pot for decades. Over the years, the soup has become thick and brown and heavy, rich with the flavours of time. The three guard their broth jealously and refuse to allow any others to eat it unless they bring something of power and value to trade.

The three are almost impossible to find by choice. They reside in a splinter. To find the three, stand at tenth and fifth and slowly begin to walk south. As you move, the city will seem to grow denser and tighter, the buildings higher and the people dirtier and older. Eventually, the cars on the roads will give way to foot traffic and shanty-towns, and the buildings will go dark and empty. Do not enter any of them, as the office workers inside have been replaced by toothful predators.

Eventually you will find the three at the center of an intersection. Tell them you have brought the ingredient to complete their labour and offer them either a jar of allspice or a jar of air. If you offer the jar of allspice, they will give you a cup of soup spiced with it. You will gain all the boons that They can give, but the three old men will turn on you once they recognize the scent as They are no friends of the downtrodden. If you offer them the empty jar, the blind old men will attempt to poor it into the soup and, i the process, fill it at least a quarter full. The broth will cure all injuries but leave your skin tough and leathery.

Leave the splinter and never return.

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