050 - The Tattoo Parlour

Go to any Tattoo parlour in the city of Calgary and make a point of entering through the back door. Tell the proprietor that you need a tattoo, and tell him t hat the regular ink won’t do. Ask him for what he keeps in the basement. Even if the building doesn’t have a basement, even if the tattoo parlour is already in the basement, he will lead you to a metal door in the western wall and open it. The stairway beyond it is dark, and it will get darker when he closes the door behind you.

Climb down the stairs slowly. You will find yourself in what appears to be a filthy, unlit copy of the room upstairs. Wait patiently for the owner to come out of the back. He will be a gaunt man with no eyes. Tell him you want a tattoo an tell him the regular ink won’t do. He’ll smile and silently lead you into the work room. There, he will invite you to take a seat, and then he’ll begin to give you your tattoo.

When you leave, your tattoo will be whatever you asked for, simple and mundane. However, within a week it will become infected and boils will sprout on your skin in a strange, disturbing shape. Sketch this shape on a piece of paper. It’s your piece of the puzzle, and when the rest of your atman arrives, you’ll need to piece it together.

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