076 - The Tobacconist

Despite campaigns against it and a law against displaying tobacco products, the tobacconist’s on Centre Street has remained open and apparently prosperous. Although they do good business with their usual stock, what makes the shop notable is the contents of three numbered jars located at the back of the building, in the back room. In order to sample this unusual product, you must come equipped with a mixture of the following: many-flowered yarrow, prairie smoke, tall larkspur and purple-stemmed aster, ground in equal proportions into a thin powder. The owner of the shop will accept this gift as a sign of good faith, and proof that you are a fellow traveler.

Ask the store owner for a sample of his private reserve and tell him which of the three jars interests you. Jar One contains a potent hallucinogen that will permanently transport you to the dream city below. All the usual routes will be closed to you, and your body will remain catatonic in the back of the shop. Jar Two contains a thick, smooth cherry tobacco that will burn out your lungs, your heart and leave you totally hollow. Jar three contains a light, sweet substance that will leave you unconscious, and your dreams will be of a pivotal event in the secret history.

Never return to the shop. The tobacconist will make enquiries[sic] and discover that you are not, in fact, entitled to his smoke.

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