092 - The Trash Bin

The day before garbage is collected, go to the Hillhurst community center and walk about a block west of the large field behind it, then cross into one of the alleys. Do not wear anything you are particularly attached do and be sure to bring with you rubber gloves. Look at the houses the line the alley for one with a peculiar looking trash bin made to look like a miniature dumpster. Flip the lid open and take the garbage out when you find it. Do not pause to examine it there. There is no time.

Lay out a tarp on your floor and open the bags onto it. There will be three, two of which are simple household garbage. The third contains strange, horrible things. Deformed human body parts wrapped in barbed wire, the skills of children with too many eye sockets, and papers written in some language that you won’t be able to understand. Sort through this, as disturbing as it may be, until you find a human hand. Each finger will have a simple green ring on it.

Keep the green rings in a lead lined box until the day you need them. When you do, place one on each of the fingers on whichever hand you write with. Place a pen in the hand and hold it to paper, and you will find your hand moving of its own accord. It will write, sketch and otherwise communicate exactly what it is that you must do. But the man whose garbage you pilfered will arrive within an hour to take that hand away.

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