142-The Typewriter

There is a disused office in the basement of the Administration building at the University of Calgary. The door to the office is painted shut and covered over with a broken bookcase that has been placed there for “storage”. However, if you move the bookcase and open the door, you’ll find that the office is actually surprisingly well preserved considering how long it has remained shut.

The inside of the office is like a time capsule, furnished with thirty year old chairs and bookcases in the style of the time. The walls have a vaguely yellow patina to them, but this is of no significance. If you look at the degrees hanging on the walls or the books on the shelves, you will discover that the office belonged to Earl Wiser, PhD in history. No sign of Doctor Wiser remains, nor is he mentioned in any records kept by the university. Judging by the books on his shelves, Doctor Wiser was an expert on the Second World War.

The only thing in the room that will appear to be touched by time is the 1930’s typewriter on the desk. You will notice that this typewriter is unique for two reasons: it has German character keys, and it is typing the same narrative over and over again without any human interference. The narrative tells the story of a German victory in the Second World War and what happened after. If you take a closer look at the books on the shelves, you’ll notice that the axis won in them too.

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