149-The Village

There is a small village buried beneath Nosehill Park that predates even the first nations, belonging instead to the mound builders who are so often mistaken for First Nations. There are whispers amongst the acolytes that the hills of the park itself were erected as a burial mound for the city after some unwritten cataclysm. Regardless, the mound builders and their secrets are always of great value.

To get into the village, open a nearby manhole and climb down. This is best done at night to avoid being seen. Once down the manhole, begin to walk towards the park. The sewer tunnels will eventually lead you to an aged wooden gate. Simply push it open and walk through. The remains of the village are made of a some crushed mounds and a handful of intact buildings: A long, low mound where the villagers communally slept, a tall, peaked mound where their shaman lived, a small mound that was given over to food preparation. Avoid the last one. The food has been mating and cannibalizing itself for generations, and has degenerated into something quite cruel.

Instead make for the shaman’s mound. Within, you will find a rich history of pictograms carved in the earth and coloured with chalk. The colours are remarkably well preserved, no doubt due to the mound’s seclusion. Read the pictograms at your pleasure and leave. There are no horrible secrets here, and no great burden for your soul.

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