068 - The Public Washroom

The following three entries were cut out and pasted on the page, two from plain white printer paper and one from a newspaper:

Sanford: I went to use that new washroom downtown. The one that they did a story about on the CBC. If this washroom is good enough to be on the news and they are spending my tax dollars on it, i want to at least get some use out of it. Besides, I thought it would make a good entry for my blog. I sat down on the shitter and started to get light headed. When I woke up It was six hours later and I was in a Public Restroom in Riley Park. There was a new scar on my stomach that I do not recognize.

You owe me for this, SJ. I went to the Washroom like you said and I definitely saw signs that They were involved. Illusory concealment of blood, the smell of allspice, the signs are unmistakable. I know you said you thought we should let it be, But I’m going to go back tonight and try to burn it down. – Jess P.

Relatives of Jessica Pearson are reeling today after the nineteen year old art student vanished. Although police are making inquiries, they hold little hope that she’ll be found alive.

The word OGDEN is scrawled beneath the last entry in red sharpie.

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