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Date: Last updated 17/10/12

This site is still active! Please continue to return here. I will be adding new content regularly. I've managed to get in contact with several individuals with more information on the mystery of the Keys, including an individual in Glasgow, who began exploring his hometown and has so far compiled a rather intriguing set of his own discoveries. You may notice pictures and anecdotes related to me by Qirate, an urban explorer and acolyte who attempted to follow CalgAnon's path. I've begun adding "Notes" sections throughout the entries, where I dig up relevant facts and resources. The forums are open! Of course, you'll have to join the site first: to do so, either click the button below or the one at the top of the page. I hope you'll enjoy; try to let these stories sink deep into your mind. There is more to our world than what at first meets the eye.

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