1 - Formatting and 4chan Visit

Date: 20/10/2012

Greetings acolytes, seekers, connoisseurs of the secret history.

Here is where I will catalog updates to the site, the status of my ongoing investigation, and any other prudent details regarding the Gideon Keys. I'm aiming to update this page at the very least once a week, if only to say that there have been no further developments. Hopefully things will progress such that I'll need to post daily, but we'll see.

All I've got to say tonight is that I'm overseeing a session over at 4chan's /x/ board.


Later Update:
The thread for 4chan failed. Spammers about, apparently. I got a few people interested and some supportive feedback, though, so I'd say it was a productive evening. As suggested, I'm trying out different templates. I've settled on this one for now but it may change. I'm also working on compiling all of the collected Keys into a single document that will be up for download soon. I'm going to try to figure out an RSS feed type solution so that people can get live updates.

I also just realized that the formatting of each entry is off. I'm going to have to go through each one, and link the sentences back up together so they don't shift around like that. That'll take some time. I'll post more updates as they come.

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