Pull Up a Chair

Dear Reader.

To those of you who are returning visitors, thank you for continuing to stick with us all this time. To those who are new, welcome.

This past March marked 10 years since CalgAnon first posted the entries from the journal he found to /x/. It's hard to imagine that a decade has passed. Over this time, the Keys have inspired many derivative works: works of art, writing, and even music. They have attained a mythic status on the internet—one of the underground legends that stands tall even to this day. They inspiration they have cultivated have launched at least one individual's career. Indeed, they have touched countless many.

Whether they were written, or spawned—the fact is, they expertly cultivate a sense of wonder in the mundane. The fact that they continue to amaze, inspire, and captivate is a testament to the mystery they evoke.

Though each entry is very short, taken together they form a tapestry of questionable moral choices, of the reality of seeking power, of devotion to an ideal above practicality. They become almost a religious text, a call to look at the world differently. Whether or not they were a mere guidebook to strange phenomena, or a cryptic manifesto, depends entirely on how you look at it. This is perhaps what fascinates me most about the Keys: the myriad valid interpretations that one can get, none of which feel contrived but instead, shows how multifaceted and complex these entries are. One could analyze this text in much the same way that a historian performs primary source research.

Ever since reading the Keys—and re-reading them, as I have many dozens of times—I have not looked at the world the same way. Every dilapidated house becomes fertile ground for a ritual. Every unmarked municipal building, a gathering-place for nameless saints. Every discarded object on the roadside, potentially a tool of unimaginable power. The Keys infect your mind in the best way possible.

The debate over their meaning, the ultimate conclusion to the saga and the fate of the characters, and the finer points of the deep lore, continues to this day. I would like to invite all of you to join us on our newly minted Discord server, and share in that discussion. It was nigh time we have a more active engagement in these texts, rather than in a difficult to use Wiki forum.

Please be advised: you will not be able to see anything more than a couple of the channels, until you read the server rules page, and click on the octopus symbol underneath. This symbolizes your agreement to abide by them while on the server. I look forward to seeing you there.

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