2 - Formatting Continues!

Date: 25/10/2012

Working on fixing up the formatting of the pages. Seems like the sources I used had weird line-breaks. I'm also going through and correcting spelling and grammar errors of the entries — While I realize this is tampering with CalgAnon's original work, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, the errors might not have been made by CalgAnon, they could be transcription errors that were made as they were passed from anon to anon. Secondly, if they were indeed errors made by CalgAnon, they are very likely accidental — according to him, he was only transcribing the Keys from the journal he'd found. In either case, cleaning up the entries will serve to make them easier to read. For the purists out there, I will make viewing page revisions permissible to all users, members of the site or not, so the originals will still be available. No major changes will be made without good reason, and most changes I make will be submitted with notes.

Thanks for reading.

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