3 - Site Design Update Complete, New 4chan Visit

Date: 30/10/2012

At this point I've decided that I like the way the site looks. It's undergone quite a few changes, but I'm definitely happy with it at this point. The navigation looks to be intuitive, efficient, and capable.

I've started adding tags to pages, grouping them under certain shared categories. These will be searchable from the Page Tags link to the right. At the moment I'm going to continue working on formatting the individual Key pages: the spacing is still slightly off on some of them, and I've got a bunch of photos and comments to upload.

To come will be the updated Analysis section, concept/theme maps, and much more! I'm very much enjoying this process.

I visited /x/ again yesterday evening. Met up a couple of anons, one of whom lives in Calgary themselves, the other potentially interested in traveling there at some point in the future. More developments in regards to that to come soon.

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