Previous/Next Buttons; Concept Mapping

1/11/12 (In tha wee hours a' tha mornin')

Goshdang. So much to do and so little time… Ah, who am I kidding. I have tons of time to do this stuff, I'm just lazy.

Basically I've started working on adding functionality for being able to move between pages, as though one was flipping through the Journal. To be perfectly honest, this started out as something entirely self-motivated. I realized it would greatly expedite the tagging and editing processes so I figured I'd just plug them in and leave it at that. Now… I'm sure there's some sort of CSS code to print text at the bottom of the page, but I confess that so far I don't know it; I'm having to toy around with the number of linebreaks in each entry so that the previous and next buttons look the way they should. Bah. It will get done eventually.

And then there's the whole issue of concept mapping. Once I'm done tagging I think I'll have some major "themes" that I can get spinning in my head. From there I'll create some neat little diagrams and put 'em up on the forums for review. We'll see where it goes from there… The analysis is far from over, that's for sure. I just wish we had the remaining 85 entries. Trying to write a detailed exposition on a world with naught but a paper-thin slice to work with, and an incomplete slice at that… It will take some work, I don't deny that. But it will get done. Stay tuned!

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