Still Alive and Kicking! Summer Plans


I apologize to those who have been closely following this tribute site of mine: For a long while now I haven't updated much of anything at all here. This isn't to say there isn't anything left to find— far from it. I've just been busy with unrelated academics.

First order of business is to finish getting the page-forward and page-back buttons implemented. Then complete the tagging process. At that point I'll add on speculation and further analysis of the trends that appear, along with some diagrams. If anyone's interested in helping me with this process, please post in the forums! A few people posted back and forth somewhat, but it'd be cool if others joined in. We're always looking to expand our sphere of influence over this corner of the internet ;)

So you can all breathe a collective sigh of relief: I haven't yet been taken by Them! Though I probably will be at some point, truth be told…

And that leads into my next point of news! I'm finally going to make good on my promise to ship myself off to Calgary. Not sure for how long, but by the end of this summer is my goal. Ideally I'd like to visit each and every Key and track down whoever posted them to the internet, creating a comprehensive photo journal along the way. I have the tech I need, and a place to stay (I think), so all I need is transportation. I'm working on making some money for that at the moment, so stay tuned!

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