A Long Hiatus

7/30/15 - 7:42PM CST

Dear seekers, old and new:

As often happens, what with life and other such things, I've taken a long break from this site up until recently. Recently I've been going through and changing a lot of the tags, and adding links for easier navigation from page to page. Once I finish with that (actually half done at this point), I'll put up a long essay I wrote on the subject of the Keys and their curious, enrapturing nature. I argue in my essay that it's on account of their verisimilitude and at the same time their careful application of vagueness that ultimately makes them fine examples of the uncanny.

Looking at them from such a literary perspective may seem to presuppose they are not in fact nonfiction - however that is not my argument. Writing about their style and the way they present their content may lead to conclusions as to other aspects of their deeper nature, regardless of their veracity. For instance (and this should really be going in the analysis section, and I'm really jumping the gun but…), we could look at the rather showy way most of the Keys are presented. A detailed account of the ritual comes first, then dire warnings about what will happen should you deviate in any way (one wonders how the author could possibly know specifically how doomed you are if you take that one wrong step), and then a snippy and cinematic concluding sentence to finish it off. The fact that most of the Keys follow this formula only raises more questions. How could the author know that eternal imprisonment comes from breaking the rules? How could the author know that you'll die if you anger the wrong individual? As well written as they are, I'm inclined to think it's more complicated than simple reliance on trope and form. Either there are ways of knowing the dangers, ways of seeing all the possible mistakes one could make before hand (which would be invaluable to practitioners and layfolk alike), or the author is transcribing them from accounts of other acolytes and not just relying on personal experience to guide him. Either one of those possibilities are neat ways of resolving that particular issue.

But, as you can see, there is plenty here to analyze and look deeper into. I'm very much looking forward to fleshing out the analysis section.

For now, I'm not sure what exactly I believe with regards to the Keys, but there are a couple of points that are abundantly clear to me:

  1. Most of the people who have investigated the Keys in the past never return to discuss their findings.
  2. No one, to this date, has ever stepped forward to claim authorship for the Keys.

In a year, I'm hoping to finally make my way to Calgary. Then I can put this burning desire to know the truth to bed; that is, if They don't get to me first.

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