This is simply a document meant to be read by those who wish to become seekers, striving to find Keys and documenting their findings as best as they can.

No doubt you believe you are ready to begin searching, but the devotion a true seeker follows is absolute. To them, there are no distractions. There is no alternative, or any way out. The search, the quest, the exploration is all that matters to them. People come and people go in a Seeker's life, and they simply have to learn to live with their decision.

Becoming a Seeker is not something to be taken lightly, nor is it an opportunity to engage in a fun paranormal pastime.

To become an initiate, you must demonstrate your bravery and courage by seeking out an acolyte. "Acolytes," as they are referred to, are seasoned Seekers that have retired from the search and instead pass their time by researching, up-keeping, or documenting the Keys and their hidden histories. Many choose to become acolytes from the beginning rather than Seeking, for reasons only they know.

Seeker initiates, as they are known, must pass several tests administered to them by the acolytes. These are often including but not limited to following in the footsteps of past Seekers to distant Keys, or perhaps finding a Key of their own. The final test has never been spoken of, nor has it been written or described in anything more than passing detail. The initiate either dies or completes the task, leaving them with a hardened heart and a heavy, listless, utterly single minded soul. From then on the Search is all that matters. I too have passed the test, as every Seeker must.

Seekers, to the world, do not exist. Not once have two Seekers ever met, nor will they ever. Part of the Search is the realization that to the universe, you are the only Seeker. You, and you alone, know the truth.

Notable acolytes throughout history include:

  • Edward Ramsay de Cae, a strange, elderly posh fellow with dry, sardonic wit and a rather magnificent, ever growing collection of notebooks, papers, clippings, and other information relevant to the Search. His bookstore itself is hidden away, seemingly separate from time or space, and only accessible through a Key.
  • Nicolas Maharis, a seldom spoken, cautious individual. His whereabouts are unknown, although his location may be scryed or deciphered through a multitude of methods. Nicolas is both a "practitioner," one who knows the Craft, and an acolyte.
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