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012 - The Green Room

There is an apartment building on sixteenth street that is slightly wider on the outside than it is within. Go to this building in fall and ascend the staircase. You should find the door to the roof totally unlocked. If it is locked, leave at once. Someone is using the Green Room, and they likely don’t want company. If the door opens, however, walk along the roof and count skylights. Eventually you should find one that doesn't look into an apartment or hallway. Instead it looks down into a dingy room with green metal walls.

Break the skylight with a piece of debris and jump down. The room should be small and empty other than a metal desk and chair that have a distinctly institutional flavour. On the desk, you will find a folder full of papers. Take the folder rather than reading the papers on the spot. Breaking the skylight will have set off the alarm. Open the room’s only door and step out. You will find yourself in your old high school, having just stepped out of the locker room. Leave.

The folder contains documents and photos that describe, in great detail, your physical and mental health. They depict you as a patient in an institution, and they aren't far off.

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