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008 - The Antique Shop

Somewhere in the Northeast, although there are conflicting reports of its location, there is a small antique shop called Edson’s Antiques and Importing. By the look of it, the store’s been closed for decades, and for good reasons. Not the least of which is that it opens onto an alley instead of onto the street. The merchandise inside can’t be seen through the murky glass, but you can usually make out the window display.

The display, despite the fact that no one really knows how to get into the building since the door’s apparently rusted shut, changes from day to day. A stuffed bear’s head might show up on Monday and be gone on Friday, replaced with a large antique samovar. The floor beneath this merchandise is covered with newspapers written in a language that no human being has ever spoken or read, and the pictures… well, let’s just say you’d be amazed what you can fit in a samovar.

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