Page Tags

Explanation of terms:

While many Keys often describe several different elements that constitute that particular phenomena, page tags on this compendium are only concerned with the primary element, whatever would seem most fitting in that situation.

Primary Tags:

  • Places: If a Key is tagged as such, it is the geographical location that is significant, and what the phenomena entails.
  • Relics: If a Key is tagged thusly, it is a phenomena that is tied exclusively to a specific item. Even if the location is also significant, I have determined that it is only significant because of the aforementioned relic.
  • Rituals: If a Key is tagged as a "ritual," this means that there is some interplay between the acolyte's actions, possible locations, as well as relics. There is a specific set of actions that may result in hidden locations, a glimpse at the secret history, or more. In some form or another all of the Keys could be described as rituals, but pages tagged as rituals must read like a set of instructions - that is what sets them apart.
  • Names: This one's fairly straightforward. If specific people show up in a Key, their names will show up as tags.
  • Them: If They are featured prominently or are otherwise mentioned, this tag will be used.

Secondary Tags:

These tags will be used more liberally to track certain themes as they appear throughout the entries.

  • Mirrors: In quite a few of the phenomena, mirrors are portrayed as items of importance, potentially as they are often viewed as portals into other worlds.
  • Secret_history: If there is any mention made of occulted knowledge or secret wisdoms, this tag will be used.
  • Religion: It seems that They have some connection to the Christian faith (mentions of an Ark, angels, and other assorted Judeo-Christian iconography).
  • Technology: The relation between the phenomena and technology seems to be significant.
  • Beyond: The suggestion of there being multiple realities, time and space warping, and the like will all earn the entry a Beyond tag, to track the incidences of truly baffling metaphysical scenarios.
  • Letters: If a Key reads like it was a written letter as opposed to the formal, instructive, and clinical tense of the rest, it will have this tag.
  • And More: More tags may be added if there appears to be more information to be tracked throughout the many Keys.

For more information on how these tags are being used to assimilate new data, please check out the News and Analysis sections.

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